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What Does Your Website Say About You?

In today’s digital world, all companies are judged by their website. If you are thinking “no, not me” we’re sorry to say that’s not correct. Even if your new customers come from referrals and not Google, they are still researching you online, looking at your website and forming an opinion about you. The question is – what impression do you want to give them?

Your Website Attracts Prospects

Whether you realize it or not, your website does work for you to attract new business. Even if you aren’t proactively marketing, you will receive some traffic from resources such as industry directories, local maps, organic Google listings and other sources.

When people reach your website, does it show them a company they would want to do business with?

Does Your Website Scare Away Prospects?

We saw one website that was, quite literally, a single image scan of an attorneys letterhead with two paragraphs written about himself on a typewriter. If you were a prospective client, what would you think of that?

The sad part is, this individual is a great attorney. However, the image that goes out to the world is a poor one. A new prospect who does not know you personally will not know how great you or your business are. All they have to go on is your website.

What does your website say about you?

Make Your Best Impression with a Powerful Website

Your website is a reflection of your company. It is essential to make the best impression you can with a fresh, modern web presence.

From complete design and creation to a simple “facelift” of your existing site, the team at ACT can help. Whether you need regular updates or occasional tweaks, Applied Computer Technologies’ designers and developers can handle the task.

We work with you to ensure that your design and messaging are on point. While you are the best advocate for your business, your prospects do not have you over their shoulder as they surf your website. Their impression is based on what they see and read. If you have the wrong information or present it in the wrong way, they will leave and go to your competition.

Your Website Must Meet Today’s Standards

We produce fantastic, fast loading and easy to use websites that make it easier for people to do business with you. Our services include:

Competitive research in the industry

Identification of design elements that can deliver tremendous value

Prototyping and wireframing of your design

Creation of a fully functional design (WordPress or HTML)

Fully mobile-optimized website designs (more than half of website users are now on mobile)

Content writing and creation (using professional US based copywriters)

Website maintenance and updates

Website hosting

Social media strategies and plans to promote your business

SEO strategies and tactics to help your site rank higher in search

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We work with a wide range of clients in dozens of industries, and we can bring that broad experience to you. We will produce a powerful website with the design elements that help get your phone ringing.

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