Network Infrastructure & Cabling

Setting Up Secure Networks & Infrastructure on Long Island

Whether a Fortune 100 company or small business, one thing is clear: all companies need security and secure networks. Hackers, bots, viruses, worms and other threats are trying to penetrate your network today. Yes, today.

Constant Network and Website Attacks Threaten Your Business

Believe it or not, your network and website are under constant attack. The typical small business website is attacked 300-400 times daily, in an attempt to break into your website. Most of these attacks are automated, run from computers around the world, trying to hack into millions and millions of websites and office networks. When you see a website that has been hacked, you know the hackers succeeded.

Secure Your Network Setting Up Secure Networks & Infrastructure on Long Island

In addition to general support for multiple Mac- and Windows-based operating systems, Applied Computer Technologies can offer support for a variety of inter- and intra-office communications systems for remote or off-site offices, printers and copiers, cabling infrastructure, and more.

We can design and implement business continuity systems, to keep your business up-and-running during a disruptive event. Business Continuity includes the ability to communicate with and service your clients even if you and your staff are unable to come to work.

Network and Server Services

Design and Installation

Monitoring & maintenance

Selection of Firewalls, Routers and VPN

Access and Other Security Solutions

Storage Setup / Configuration

Wireless Network Setup & Repair

Network Equipment Installation (routers, switches)

Broadband Installation & Repair (DSL, cable, FIOS, T1)

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