Complete IT Solutions: Applied Computer Technology

The team at Applied Computer Technologies can meet every IT need your business has. From a new office buildout to the upgrade of a single computer, we can help. Need help choosing new servers? Software platforms? Phone equipment? We can help. Consider custom programming, mobile app development or a website? Our experts are here for you.

Long Island’s IT Consulting Experts

Applied Computer Technologies offers a full range of IT Consulting services, customizable to fit your specialized needs. With experts in server architecture, network infrastructure, software, web and support, we can meet and exceed all of your IT requirements. Learn why so many Long Island businesses trust their IT requirements to Applied Computer Technologies.

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Tech Support & Help Desk Services

Let’s face it – at times issues arise that you or your team cannot solve easily. Most companies to not need dedicated employees to address support issues. Use our experts, when needed, to address your own IT support requirements. From simple remote assists to troubleshooting major problems, we are here for you.

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Networking Infrastructure & Cabling

The backbone of any company lies in its network. All businesses are computerized, and without a proper network infrastructure, you are at risk of hacks, intrusions, viruses, malware, security breaches and worse. Our experts will help you define your requirements and implement the networking infrastructure you require. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive solution – just the best that meets your specific needs.

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Web & Mobile App Development

Virtually all companies are online today. If you do not have a website, people wonder “what’s wrong with that company?”

A fast, easy to navigate and mobile responsive website is the bare minimum required today. It is not a luxury, it is an essential part of your business.

If you need your first site, a new site or a makeover, we can help. Considering a mobile app for your staff or clients? Our developers can help! Call us today to discuss your needs at (631) 285-3700.

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Cyber Security & Data Protection

You cannot turn on the television or open a news website without hearing about a data breach, hack or other intrusion on the web. We cannot control those who want to do you harm, but we can make it as hard as possible for them to even get in the door.

Our security experts can perform a “friendly hack” on your network and website, looking for and identifying vulnerabilities. We work with you to harden your resources, tighten up or replace firewalls, create more secure networks and lock down assets on your servers.

Should you have wireless in your office? Allow outside devices? Create VPN’s? Give remote access to employees? We help you address these issues and more. Contact us now at (631) 285-3700.

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