Our Weekly Tips are Simple, Little Tricks that May Make Your Day Easier

Each week we put out new tips to make it easier for you to do business, use your computer or keep things running smoothly. They are quick read, check back for the latest updates!

1. Middle Button on a mouse

By clicking a link with the mouses’ middle button (scroll wheel) you will open the page in a new tab. You can close the tab by clicking it with the middle button as well.

2. Offline Backup

Your recovery plan should include a full backup of your system and data, kept offline on an external hard drive or a local network location. This is the kind of backup that will ensure you can recover from any malware infection, errors, hardware failure, and accidents.

If you can make a backup of the backup that you can store off-site, do it. After creating a full backup, always remember to disconnect the drive and store it in a safe location, or disconnect the network location where you store the backup. If kept on the network, the backup can become infected, as well.

An excellent way to transfer large documents or pictures is to save it in Google Drive.The person on the other end can go into your account and download the information.

3. Restart Your Servers, Desktops and Laptops Weekly

It is important to restart your computer at least once a week. Restarting will flush the RAM(random access memory) and as a result will speed up the performance of your computer. There are also software and security updates that require you to restart to download and install these updates that will help your computer run more smoothly and quickly.